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SimplyPaie: online credit card payment, invoicing, automatisation, simplicity.

1 : Enter the e-mail of your customer, and the required amount
120 €
2 : Validate, a mail will be sent with a link to the payment page
3 : After the paymet, the money is sent to your bank account!

Payment requests by email

With SimplyPaie, no need for a website to get paid by credit card. Send secure payment requests by email or text message and let SimplyPaie do the job: secure payment links, customizable payment page, 100% mobile phone friendly.

Completely free invoice service

Create your invoices online in a few clicks. Associate them with payment requests if needed. Your documents stay available online on SimplyPaie.

Save your purchase invoices, then give access to all your documents to your accountant.

Totally customizable

Customize your payment page and invoices: logo, colors and more. Choose the frequency of automatic payment reminders, the design of the invoices along with many other options.

Adapt the payment request emails to your profession and services to facilitate the payment process !

API: Integrate SimplyPaie with your back-end.

Our powerful API enables you to link efficiently your systems with SimplyPaie payments: refunds, garantee cashing, invoice creation, reporting, our functionalities can be used from your services !

A flexible solution

Listening to our clients is our priority. Our teams are prepared to discuss with you to create the payment solution you precisely need.

Contact us !

Golden Mount SAS, 4 place Louis Chazette, 69001 Lyon, FRANCE

RCS Lyon 811 742 220

Contact us : contact@simplypaie.fr

Tel : (+33) 04 84 35 04 85

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